The Gateway to University: Grade 12 University English

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Lecture at the University of Leed

Grade 12 University English is the key to entering into university and it is the ticket out of high school.

You may be wondering: Why is this course so important? Do I really need it?

It may feel tedious, but it is important to take that grade 12 English course to get into university.

One reason why English is a requirement may because it ensures universities you are in fact fluent in English and that you have amassed the skills needed to be successful in university. When international students apply to a Canadian university, they are faced with an English Language Proficiency Test. As students living in Canada, we don’t have to face this test but instead, we have to take the Literacy Test and a grade 12 English course to graduate high school.

In English class, different skills are taught to help students prepare their post-secondary education. According to Battaglia, among these skills, there are a few that are essential to the modern student: Literary analysis, note-taking, essay writing, and presenting (Battaglia, n.d.).

Not only do these skills come into play in university, they are applicable to the workplace.

Battaglia explains that since students are required to analyze different types of texts, the course helps students to become strong independent readers.

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Student studying a book

Being exposed to different types of literature can guide students to find the genres that they enjoy reading so that they continue reading after high school. There are many benefits to reading such as the improvement of memory or the relief of stress but reading can also prevent Alzheimer’s by lower a certain protein in the brain (Hope, 2012).

Note-taking skills come in handy in University

In the classroom, students get to practice note-taking. In University, there are a lot of lectures and the professors won’t always wait for everyone to finish copying the slide so it is important to learn how to prioritize information while writing.

Aside from encouraging kids to continue reading and making neat notes, other valuable lessons are taught. Students are often forced make presentations. Even though it is a pain to do, this is when students can practice their presentation skills From writing essays and doing presentations, students learn how to express their opinions in clear and concise ways, either through their writing or their speech.


So if you think English is a pointless class, remember: You’re learning important lessons, even if you don’t realize it.

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